7 Staycation Ideas Your Family Will Enjoy

Published on: September 28th, 2020 | Written by Jimmy Vercellino

Have the past few months left you feeling like you need to unwind? Staycations give you all of the relaxing benefits of a vacation without the cost or time involved with leaving your hometown. These are some of the best ideas to help you plan your family’s next break from their daily routine.

#1 Make a Treat From Your Favorite Destination

Trying new foods is a huge part of taking vacations. Recreate that feeling that you felt walking through The French Market in New Orleans by making beignets. Are you missing France? Try your hand at making Crepes Suzette. The possibilities are endless for trying new foods from around the world.

#2 Hike to a New Destination

Arizona is home to mountains and desert areas that make it easy to escape from your everyday life. The Echo Canyon Trail on Camelback Mountain will get your heart pumping with excitement. This trail takes you up 2,704 feet to the summit, where you’ll enjoy an amazing view of the area.

Are you not quite up for a steep scramble? No worries. Phoenix has lots of easier trails. Blevins Trail in Usery Mountain Regional Park is a mostly flat three-mile loop. The Sonoran desert plant life makes it feel like you’ve been transported far away from home.

#3 Enjoy a Few Nights of Luxury

Phoenix is a top destination for tourists who flock here to enjoy one of the many resorts. Since you live nearby, you can skip the travel costs and splurge on a few days of getting the full star treatment.

If you’re not quite ready to stay at a resort, then create a spa experience at home. Run a bubble bath and spend your day giving yourself a facial and home manicure. If you live with a partner, then offer to swap massages.

#4 Tour Your Hometown

Whether you have lived in Phoenix your whole life or just moved here, there are still places you’ve never seen. Take your family on a walk through the downtown area to check out the galleries and other fun venues. A new park visit in the area can also make your day feel more like a vacation.

#5 Visit a Historic Site

Vacation destinations are often infused with a rich history that makes people want to learn more about the area. Phoenix has many special sites that are only a short drive away. This staycation is also a great way for parents to squeeze in a learning experience during a day trip.

#6 Refresh Your Home

Working with your hands is surprisingly beneficial for your mind and spirit. Consider tackling a simple home project that inspires your creative nature. Painting an accent wall or rearranging the furniture has similar effects on your brain as staying overnight in a new place.

#7 Designate a Do-Nothing Day

Sometimes, the most relaxing thing to do is put your phone away and avoid all work. Grab a favorite novel and spend your day reading in a hammock.

A family outdoor game day is another option that lets you take advantage of spare time. The idea with this staycation is to keep it simple. Letting the day unfold as it may is the ultimate way to relax.

Everyone may be staying home more, but that doesn’t mean that life has to be boring. Get your family involved in some exciting in-town activities. You never know where your next staycation will take you.

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