Home Loan Payoff Vision Board

Published on: December 21st, 2020 | Written by Jimmy Vercellino

Vision boards are physical representations of your thoughts and dreams. At first glance, one of these boards might look like little more than a collage of pictures. People who use them know that they are a powerful tool for reaching their goals.

Paying off a home loan is a huge achievement. This milestone moment gives you greater financial security. Finishing out a loan obligation also makes it easier to buy other property or remodel your home.

Making a vision board is simple and fun. Placing it in a prominent place in your house serves as a reminder of what you want to work toward each day.

Plan Your Project

If you love arts and crafts, then this is the perfect time to pull out the scissors and glue. Many people use poster board as the base for their project. You can cut out magazine pictures and draw the images that represent your goal.

If you are not so artistic, then a magnetic white board is perfect. Just hang up the pictures that you find inspiring. You can also use markers to write down important numbers such as your current balance or budget.

The idea is to find a method that works the easiest for you. Since this is an ongoing project, you’ll want to pick a medium that allows you to add to it over time.

Clarify Your Intentions

Paying off your home loan is the broader goal. Try breaking this goal down into smaller steps that help you find images to represent the process. Do you need to refinance your mortgage for a lower interest rate? If so, then finding a picture that symbolizes you meeting with a mortgage lending specialist can help inspire you to make that appointment.

Posting pictures of how you plan to use the money that you used to set aside for mortgage payments is also a great idea. If your plan is to save for an amazing vacation, then post images of our preferred destination. For some people, owning a home is an investment for their family. Placing pictures of your spouse or kids on the board can remind you of the important reasons for working on your goal.

Set Aside Time to Contemplate Your Creation

A vision board should always be placed in a highly visible location. This could be your home office, kitchen or anywhere else where you’ll look at it every day. Once you have it up, take at least five minutes daily to look at your board and think about your goals. Many people find that the morning is the best time to contemplate their vision board.

Add to the Board as New Inspiration Strikes

Lots of things can change over the course of a home loan payment plan. Perhaps you have a change in your income that impacts your monthly payments. Or, you might have a new dream of what you will do with your financial freedom. Consider your board to be a continuous work-in-progress. Adding new images and quotes keeps it fresh and relevant.

Creating a vision board jumpstarts the process of figuring out how and why you want to pay off your home loan. Then, it continues to help you stay inspired for making those small financial sacrifices that pay off big when you own your house. With the right mindset and support, paying off your home loan becomes an achievable goal.

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