6 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire You

Published on: November 29th, 2020 | Written by Jimmy Vercellino

Working from home has some definite advantages. Skipping the commute gives you more free time to spend however you want. You might also like being close to your family or pet during the workday.

Creating a dedicated workspace is the ideal way to avoid falling prey to distractions. These ideas give you a starting point for setting up a home office that inspires you to reach higher levels of productivity.

Hang a Wall Desk

Floor space is often at a minimum in many homes. If your current home lacks a lot of space for an office, this option helps you make the most of the room that you have. Wall desks come in versions that fold up. Being able to tuck your workspace away at the end of the day feels like closing up the office and heading home when you’re already there.

Add a Window

Windows let the light flow into your workspace, and you’ll enjoy taking a break to see the beautiful scenery. There are two ways to make a window happen if your office room doesn’t have one. You can have a professional install a window that is perfectly sized to fit your space. Or, you can use paintings to create a faux window design. Both options help to brighten up dark and dreary rooms.

Create a Co-working Space

Today, many families include more than one person who works from home. Try setting up desks side-by-side or invest in one with space for two people. You’ll enjoy the same feeling of collaboration that you get in an office, when you can turn to your partner for ideas.

Go Wild With Color

This is your home office, which means that you get to do whatever you want. Instead of being stuck with the usual neutral office shades that you see in public spaces, you can have more fun. Consider painting an accent wall in a bold shade that can serve as a background during virtual meetings. Have fun picking out art that complements the color and shows off your personality.

Make Room for Quiet Contemplation

Do you have a job that requires creative thinking? Or, do you face big decisions that are best made after careful thought? Trying to think things through at a desk with the phone ringing might be impossible.

Divide the office into two separate areas by adding a couple of lounge chairs. This also gives you a cozy space to hold an informal business meeting or to curl up and finish a report when you can’t face the desk.

Plan an Open Air Workspace

Open-air kitchens have been all the rage in recent months, and this same concept can apply to your office. Look for space in the house that opens up to the outdoors. You might be able to renovate your garage so that you can open up the doors to enjoy the feeling of working outside. Or, you might want to add a sunroom. Feeling closer to nature transforms how you feel about working each day.

The right home office should have a careful balance of elements that help you to relax while still being productive. Whether you have a small corner or an entire room available to work with, planning the design enables you to make it customized to fit your needs and preferences.

Make sure to start with the basics. Sometimes, a remodelling project, such as replacing the flooring or opening up a wall, can give you a more comfortable place to do your work. Then, add your furniture and accessories until space makes you feel excited about going to work from home each day.

More people are now working from home, and buyers are looking for a home with a beautifully designed home office. Properties with this feature hold a higher value than those that lack it. You can add a home office feature as your preference during your home search.

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